F2 jbsc 4 cgs руководство - nokia 2630 desk phone мелодии

Jan 1, 2013 -JBSC- Segment Protector, EEx nAL. 1.2.7. F2-JB- JB with cable 4. Composition. Fieldbus Power Conditioner for IEC. 61158-2 CGS. Cable gland, stainless steel. CGAB. Cable gland for armoured see manual. Housing type. F2. Aluminum field housings for fieldbus junction boxes with 4, 6, or 8 spurs . JBSC. Junction box with short-circuit protection (Segment Protector) . Cable gland, plastic, M16. CGB. Cable gland, brass, nickel plated Three, 4-position pluggable connectors for the alarm contacts and the -4. Installing Your DeltaV Digital Automation System. DC Power F2-JBSC-8-CGB.

584,89 € 2019,51 Lt. palyginti. Fieldbus Segment Protector F2-JBSC-4.CGS. CGS2 · 204,66 € 706,65 Lt. palyginti. FIELDBUS JUNCTION BOX F4-JB-1.CGS.

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